Process Advisors

Advisors to Resolution Professional

Individual Resolution professionals require continuous guidance to handle complex cases especially for handling sub-processes like claim verification, holding Committee of Creditors meetings, drafting Information Memorandum, Evaluation Matrix and Request for Resolution Plan document, checking eligibility criteria under Section 29A, examining Resolution Plan for compliance, etc during the liquidation process. Our expert advisory is available. 

Advisors to Liquidators During Liquidation Process

Complexities in the Liquidation Process could be many and the laws are unwritten to handle them. Handling the Liquidation Process as going concerned or scheme of compromise and arrangement are intricate issues. Disbursement of liquidation proceeds on the basis of priority of charges always has a question mark. We have practical solutions for every problem. Don’t feel alone Liquidators, please come to us. Our expertise will come to your rescue.

Managing Corporate Debtor as going concern including Cash Flow Monitoring

Can a professional run a Company as a Going Concerned without process advising? Balance has to be struck between meager cash inflows and outflows, priorities have to be set, fund movement is to be duly accounted for, applicable taxes are to be handled, financial statements to be prepared, the output of factory and workforce to be monitored! As Resolution professionals, you don’t have past experience but we are here to offer advice for the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process and Liquidation Process and see that you don’t do mistakes.

Personal Guarantor to Corporate Debtor (PGCD) and Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process (PPIRP)

Personal Guarantor to Corporate Debtor (PGCD)  & Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process (PPIRP) are two recently introduced laws, we have already drafted the Standard Operating procedures to handle them. 

Under Personal Guarantor to Corporate Debtor (PGCD), filing petitions in NCLT on behalf of Banks, preparing report for admission of insolvency, identifying excluded assets and debt, preparing repayment plan and implementation.

Under Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process (PPIRP), Preparation and examination of Base Resolution Plan, negotiation with Bankers, swiss challenge to plan, holding CoC Meetings and plan approval.   

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